Thursday, June 20, 2013

News News News

Have you ever stopped and thought about what life would be like without the news? Commercials? Billboards? As much as I hate to admit, we are effected by media - big time.  As I walk through the halls of my school I notice many of my classmates with band named backpacks, shoes I recognized from catalogue I flipped through last month, even short lived styles of clothes celebrities start. At first I was upset at the idea that media has such a huge control over people.

But is it such a bad thing?

I started thinking, what other things do the media control? Ideas. I found that celebrities not only start trends in music, fashion, film, and countless other things, including causes.

I found a list of celebrities for fair trade on  including
Annie Lennox, Bono, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, Coldplay, Matt Damon, and U2. I applaud them for using their valuable influence for this cause.

It is so important to spread the message of Fair Trade throughout communities. Media is one thing that is growing more and more into our society. Instead of pushing it away it is far more wise to move with it to spread awareness.
I encourage all of you who hopefully are reading this to use your influence whether it is within a group of friends, or a larger community of people, to spread the message. From the first day I started this blog my mission was to spread awareness about Fair Trade. Still, few people understand the reasoning as to why they should seek Fair Trade products.

Our own economy in the U.S. is suffering due to un-level playing field in global trade. Many companies who produce products find it in their best interest to open factories over seas to lower manufacturing costs.

Lets make it in their best interest produce a product Fair Trade approved.

Media is part of us, lets utilize it raise awareness, and hopefully convince people to buy more Fair Trade products.

Thanks for listening!