Friday, May 27, 2011

Whole Foods

Hi it's Caroline!
So, on my recent voyage to Whole Foods, I found a HUGE amount of fair trade products. Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, even Choco-Dream. It's exactly like Nutella, a chocolate- hazelnut spread. The only difference? Fair trade chocolate and hazelnuts. It tastes amazing on toast, or anything you would eat Nutella on.
In all, Whole Foods was a great place to find anything fair trade. Along with their food products, they also have fair-trade makeup, skin care, even pet products! When i went out, I easily found at least 2 bags of groceries, all fair-trade. For some things, I had to look for the fair trade symbol, but most things displayed the symbol right on the outside of the packaging. If you ever are in doubt in where to buy fair trade items, you can never go wrong with Whole Foods Market!

Just a link to a part of the Whole Foods website, dedicated to fair trade :) to see all the fair trade products