Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where Fair Trade Red Bank Started

Hey it's Ginger again!
This was awhile ago when Caroline and I went to Red Bank to look at Fair Trade stores. 
Ten Thousand Villages plays a big role in making Red Bank a fair trade town to begin with. They have a TON of fair trade items in the store, and the people working can tell you where everything was made and sometimes even the person who made it.
This video was made for people to see what the store looks like on the inside of the store (it was also fun to just to play with the things they have in there.).  
Ten Thousand Villages is a chain that is in many different states in the US. I've seen them in both Connecticut and New York (around Albany I think). 

Take a look in one sometime. It's a great store to buy gifts because it is a gift that gives twice (it's the only store my dad will shop for Christmas gifts). 

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