Monday, July 4, 2011

The most important question...

 Hi it's Caroline!

Today, your most important fair-trade question will be answered. Which is better: fair trade or regular: CHOCOLATE! And yes, even though it is one of the most popular fair trade items, i think it deserves some recognition for its hard work! Chocolate has one of the biggest buyer markets in fair trade, since it is a well-know product. Here, I get to compare two different brands, Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Alter Eco Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Almond, grown at the El Ceibo Cooperative in Bolivia. A fair trade cooperative is essentially a fair trade farm where cocoa beans (in this case) are grown. Meanwhile, Hershey's cocoa is grown in Mexico, on a non fair trade farm. Fair trade vs. not. Let the battle begin! :)

Fair trade: This bar contained sun dried and slow-roasted almonds. It was dark chcolate, so it was more bitter than your average chocolate. It was really good, to my surprise, since I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate. The almonds added a really good flavoring, and even though it wasn't milk chocolate, it was a better alternative for your health and the world!

Normal: A Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar, nothing fancy or expensive. Milk chocolate, no additives, unless you count lots and lots of SUGAR! A little bland and too sweet, but not to bad on a s'more.

So, which one is the winner? It depends on what you're using it for. Just eating some chocolate for dessert? Go for the Dark Chocolate Almond. Making some s'mores with little kids? Stick with the milk chocolate. Either way, they were both good in their own ways. My choice? The almond, or course. It helps the world, and benefits the farmers who grow the ingredients for it. :)

Alter Eco - Dark Almond   Fair Trade

 Non fair-trade