Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eating Vegan Food for the First Time

I've always thought that all vegan food didn't taste good. Of coarse I made this assumption before I had ever eaten a vegan meal. Everyone said it tasted like nothing. Tofu and Vegetables,that was all they ate. So how could it possibly be something that I would like. I'm not vegetarian much less a vegan, so why would I ever like a vegan meal?

Last weekend I changed my mind.

Knowing that the Cinnamon Snail was fair trade I said, "Why not?" and went to the Galleria in Red Bank to visit the fair trade truck. I ordered the Basil pesto grilled tofu. 
The workers were kind and answered all my questions despite how busy the were. Some of their Fair Trade products include the organic fair trade coffee and other products that weren't named when I asked this even though they are sure that there is more.
While ordering I noticed someone I knew, Kali Lerner. As we waited for our orders Lerner talked to us about how she loves coming to the Cinnamon Snail because it's good vegan food that changes things up (Lerner is a vegetarian). She said that her usual vegetarian food can sometimes get boring and that the Cinnamon Snail changes it up with vegan organic breakfast, sandwiches, pastries, and more.
"I come out here almost every Sunday," said Kali Lerner. Why? When I bit into my sandwich it said it all. It was good. It was really good. Not just for vegan food but for any food. On top of that when I finished, I had a good feeling that I just ate or supported something fresh, organic, vegan, and fair trade. 

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